8PM Friday, 31st May 2019

Fremantle-based rock psych-blues outfit Datura4 will release their third album Blessed is the Boogie worldwide on 5 April, marking an exciting new evolution for the critically acclaimed band.

Blessed is the Boogie builds on Datura4’s ‘guitars to infinity’ approach of Hairy Mountain (2016) and the hard-rocking, progressive debut Demon Blues (2015) – and takes the band a few swaggering steps further into psych-blues territory.

Front man and creative force of the band, Dom Mariani continues his successful collaboration with bass player Stu Loasby (The Majestic Kelp) and drummer Warren “Wazza” Hall, the original drummer for The Drones.

Upping the legend quotient on Blessed is the Boogie are long-time friends and Australian music stalwarts Bob Patient (Fatty Lumpkin) on keys and Howie Smallman (the Jaywalkers) on harmonica. Patient and Smallman each have weighty musical credentials and a shared history of the psyched-out stomp of 1970’s Australian rock ’n’ roll.

The ten-track record kicks off with pummeling drums and heavy riffage of ‘Black Dog Keep Running’ then the title track follows, with its incessant groove, slide guitar and wailing harmonica from Smallman. Datura4’s take on the R&B classic ‘Ooh Pooh Pah Do’ is like finding a rare pair of vintage Levis in your size: original and very cool. Bob Patient’s keyboard adds a far-out dimension on heartfelt tracks ‘Not for Me’ and ‘Cat on A Roof’.

Mostly recorded in a studio farmhouse south of their home town of Fremantle, Blessed is the Boogie is a rucksack full of boogie-sharp, heavy psychedelic rock spewing forth from vintage amps.

Blessed is the Boogie” wouldn’t be complete without a spooky guitar story. The guitar Mariani uses on most of the record is a ’69 Black Les Paul, previously owned by one of his early heroes: the late and much revered Sitting Bull guitarist Paul Felton. Unsubstantiated rumour also has it that this magic axe might once have been owned by the front man of one of Australia’s most well known rock bands. Fitting, then, that the driving guitar sound on Blessed is the Boogie has echoes through the rebellious formative years of Australian blues-rock.


Mojo's Bar     North Fremantle


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