Mia Matt Turns 25

7PM Monday, 27th May 2019

Mia Matthiessen hits the big 2-5!

A quick google search reassured Mia that “turning 25 is not scary” and that it can be a “very positive experience”. So, in order to make sure these two things become her reality, Mia will be celebrating this milestone spending a night at her all-time favourite venue, The Ellington Jazz Club, singing her guts out. Just for you!

Mia will be accompanied by longtime frenemy, Jack Maher, as they share their own take on a number of your favourite songs. With a couple of surprises along the way, this gig is not to be missed!

Mia would love you to join her as she accepts the fact she’s one step closer to 30. Eek!


The Ellington Jazz Club    Perth

Mia Matt Turns 25

2 months, 3 weeks ago