The Lady of Ro

8PM Saturday, 1st June 2019

Through heart break, grief and courage she becomes one of Greece's best loved icons.The Lady of Ro invites us into the world of a woman living alone on a small island questioning values she once held true.

The story inspired by the life of Despina Achladioti, the Greek widow known as the Lady of Ro. Born on the island of Kastellorizo she sailed with her husband to the nearby deserted island of Ro.

From Ro she saw Kastellorizo being invaded by Germans and Italians. She saw the island's residents being evacuated from their homes by British forces to Palestine and Egypt. Her fame rests on her persistence until her death on May 13 1982, age 92 to raise the Greek flag. When Greece and Turkey went to war over Cyprus in mid 1970's Despina became a loved national hero.

The Lady of Ro will break and mend your heart.

Performed in Greek with English surtitles


Subiaco Arts Centre    Subiaco

The Lady of Ro

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